September 26, 2020
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Scam facing car buyers

Are you looking to buy now?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, beware and investigate further;

·         Is the vehicle being offered for sale as a UK vehicle but is in Spain, say? YES/NO

·         Are there requests to transfer monies to a holding account? YES/NO

·         Is there an indication the vehicle will be shipped to you? YES/NO


If YES is answered to one of the above questions, you will probably find it applies to all three. This is probably your introduction to the #1 Scam facing used car private purchasers when buying through internet sites.

It is sad to say that in August 2011 My Car Check have seen the largest increase in such crime and although the scam remains the same the vehicles change, as do the internet ads in very quick succession. This is big business fraud and the tactics are good, which is why people become another statistic or victim of vehicle fraud. Neither of which will return any funds handed over.

Also, think about this. If you are a victim, what is the crime? No one held you at gunpoint in the bank to make you transfer funds. Police are less likely to registerthis sort of crime. Internet policing is tricky because jurisdiction only allows forces to work within their respective force areas. Again, this highlights the shortfalls that most forces face. Criminals will always find the cracks in the law. This scam appears to have become ‘untouchable’ to investigate…

We are looking to change this.

Car purchasers across the UK are still falling foul of used car scams that are in operation across the used car marketplace. Mostly, all of the scams arise through private sale listings and even in an age of austerity and motor traders feeling the pinch, it comes as some relief to report that the problems do not come from dealers. unfortunately, the statement above will come as little comfort to the victims of the scams and they inevitably are the ones that lose their cash when caught out. If I could provide one piece of valuable information to used car purchasers it would be ‘Trust your gut feeling’. If something doesn’t feel right or somehow appears ‘too good to be true’ then it generally is. Why not ask some questions before you spend your cash?

Buying cars is simple when you know what to look for. There is no great science to purchasing a vehicle; a good bit of research and homework granted, but it’s your few grand on the line. Who am I to tell you how to spend it? Even with legitimate transactions, there is a lot to consider before you spend your £5k, say. Running costs, tax, insurance, etc. Also please note that if I could get rid of the term ‘Good Faith’ it would be gone tomorrow – it’s your £5k on the line. There is no rush to spend it. Don’t be fooled by auction scenarios via websites. These are probably the single biggest contributory reason for consumers ‘panic’ buying before they have had time to apply the ‘Check BEFORE you buy’ logic.

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