January 19, 2021
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Motorists could save millions a year on servicing and MOTS

Millions of motorists could save themselves up to 50% a year if they shopped around for the best deals on servicing and MOTs according to research from TootCompare, a new real-time comparison site, which allows  motorists to see like-for-like prices for servicing and MOTs, from franchised dealers, independent garages and fast-fit centres in their area.

In some parts of the UK, the cost of servicing a car is 350% higher than in others and the average labour rate for franchised and independent workshops has climbed over 10 per cent over the last two years to £82.86.  Motorists in Powys, Wales can pay as little as £58.46 per hour, whilst motorists in Essex and the West Midlands face rates of over £200 per hour.*

Douglas Rotberg, CEO of TootCompare comments: “The cost of motoring has soared in recent years with unleaded and diesel at near all-time highs, and insurance costs have more than doubled in the last decade. The annual cost of an MOT and servicing can be a burden on their stretched pockets.  It’s no surprise then that a third of motorists have admitted to driving a car without a valid MOT certificate, with some drivers saying their illegal road use has gone on for as long as six months.

“The maximum a garage can charge for an MOT is £54.85 excluding VAT, but many offer the service for much less and if motorists shop around, they could save up to 40% or more on the MOT alone.

“Up until now, motorists have found it a hassle to find the best price for MOT and servicing locally.  It has involved time-consuming phone calls and emails to local dealers and garages to compare prices.

“Now motorists can use TootCompare to search and compare the best MOT and servicing prices locally, from franchised dealers, independents garages and fast-fit centres.  Working like a combination of Gocompare.com and Lastminute.com, motorists will be offered exclusive deals from garages and dealers that post time-limited offers on the site when their workshops are quiet.”

Around 10 million people a year use price comparison websites and they are very much a way of life for UK consumers. They’re quick, convenient and save consumers a lot of time shopping around. TootCompare enables motorists to compare the prices and ratings from thousands of franchised and independent dealers and garages in minutes and is completely independent and unbiased.  It is not affiliated with any garage.

TootCompare, provides motorists with all the information they need to choose the right MOT and car service provider.  All customers have to do is enter their car registration and their postcode, then TootCompare provides a breakdown of the car service providers in the area from its extensive database.

Customers can browse service providers by price, quality or by location, providing them with total control over their decision. Once they’ve chosen the right dealer or garage for their needs, they can book through the site and they won’t pay a penny until the work is done.

For more information, visit tootcompare.com

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