February 26, 2021
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Let your insurer know about car modifications

Car modifications have been popular for many years, with young and older drivers alike choosing to customize their cars in all sorts of different ways. Modifying your car is all well and good in principle, however, if you are not careful you could find yourself in hot water with your insurer, or worse still out of a policy altogether!

To help you avoid falling foul of your insurer, we have put together this helpful guide to modified car insurance.

What is a Car Modification?

We are all familiar with the site of an 18 year old revving his souped-up, body-kit covered hatchback at the lights, with the extra-wide exhaust in place to ensure it sounds the part too!

Yet some modifications are far more subtle, but you will nonetheless need to disclose them to your insurer.

A modification is defined as any changes you make to your car which are different from the manufacturer’s standard settings. These fall into two categories: cosmetic or performance. To give a simple example, go-faster stripes will not make your car go any faster, but they are a cosmetic modification. If you start tinkering under the bonnet or adding on other mechanical extras, this counts as a performance modification.

However, some modifications might not be as obvious. Installing a new sound system, for example, a personalized number plate, or even something as trivial as fitting a roof rack, can all technically be considered modifications.

If you have the slightest bit of doubt, speak to your insurer just to make sure.

Why does modified car insurance cost more?

The simple answer is because modified cars can be more expensive to repair than normal cars, which makes for a more expensive insurance claim from the insurers’ perspective.

Insurers also feel there is an increased risk associated with modifying your car. For example, if you make the car faster, it could lead to you driving the car faster, which increases the chances of an accident, and will make for a more expensive repair bill.

Modifications can also make your car a far more attractive target for thieves.

Where can I buy modified car insurance?

Our partners have been providing plenty of people with bespoke, modified car insurance policies for many years now.

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